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3D Blob Cats

We love following creative trends, we decided to play around with the "blob cat" trend...


Using watercolours or paints have fun making "blob cats", experiment dropping paints onto the page, or painting blobs, layering and splashing colours onto a page, leave to dry then using black pens, or paints with a small brush try and find the cats (or any animals or creatures, you desire). Like cloud gazing, can you make out the outlines of cats?


Now using a glue gun and a plastic or non-stick backing, make thick contour cats, when drawing the cats (or animals) make sure to connect the different features like eyes, to the outer body lines to the tails. Go over any hot glue lines which are too thin. Leave to fully cool.


Now crack or peel off the creatures, take your time, sometimes the lines might break or tear, thats okay just reglue them together. Then paint them an opaque colour, we chose black but you pick a colour you like.


Now taking your dried and painted blob cats or creatures have fun placing them over different things. From balled up scraps of paper, to adding them to your watercolour experiments, or over flowers, clouds, where ever you feel would be fun to turn into a cat/creature.

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