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Cardboard Cosplay Wigs

Let's play around with wigs in cosplaying (costume-play), we've been inspired by Kyojuro Rengoku from demon slayer.


You'll need newspaper, masking tape, scissors, character reference image/drawings, paints, PVA glue, coloured tissue paper, measuring tape (or paper).

While holding the flat cardboard up against your face, use a pencil to outline the shape of your face, then cut this out and add more shape and texture to the "hair", being mindful of what you might find annoying when wearing it.


Keep adjusting and following the different shapes in your drawings or image. Then using newspaper and masking tape begin to shape the wig, making sure to tape down each piece. When the cardboard is covered grab some coloured tissue paper and using a mixture of PVA and water, start coving the wig in different tones in the image.

Then leave to dry, and measure out a band for your head to tape on when the wig is dry.


Time to paint, choose colours to add texture and tones to your wig, make sure to test out your colours, and have fun layering them.


Finish any other details or "props", like hair accessories to your wig, and have fun dressing up.

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