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Cosplay Yarn Horns Headband

We highly recommend downloading the free craft pdf to see the steps in more depth, or visit our Instagram to see the steps there. We enjoy exploring different aspects of cosplay, and came across headband horns, so we just had to make our own adaptions of the idea. If you can change or adapt it further please do and share with us your creations.


Gather your materials; hot glue gun, PVA glue, newspaper, masking tape, garden/craft wire, scissors, different colours of wool/yarn, headbands, felt, wire cutters.

Then you need to begin by sculpting the horns from newspaper, we took one a3 sized newspaper page, and began twisting and ball up one end to create the different horn shapes. Use masking tape to secure in place, we also chose to cover the length of the horns in it.


Now grab the different colour/s of wool/yarns you like and PVA glue, and get ready to cover the horns. We painted our horns in glue, then began wrapping till we reached the end. There we poured or painted more glue at the end and layered some wool on top to cover the larger base. Leave to dry. Repeat processes for second horn.


Now when the horns have dried, grab the hot glue gun, wire cutters, wire, felt and headbands and begin positioning your horns. Start by figuring out where you want to position the horns, we used a mirror (or phone camera), to help. Now cut a piece of wire and fold in half, you want to create a circlet in the fold then twisting the wire but leaving some space for the ends (to be able to be wrapped around the headband).


Heat up the glue gun, then cut out 2 circle shapes of felt that will cover the base of the horns. Squeeze hot glue onto the wire circlet, then place the horns over the wire, with the felt under the wire, and push together, please mind your fingers when touching hot glue. Leave to cool and then enjoy!

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