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Dandelion Headbands

Why not make some colourful headbands, to wear at Pride, or over the summer... inspired by the defiant flowers dandelions...


We started this project by spending some time on a watercolour painting of dandelions, this part is optional. Then we gathered our materials to be close at hand, coloured wools, headband, pipe cleaners, scissors, hot glue gun.

You need to start by making the pom-pom dandelions, to do this wrap one colour (flower head), at least 60times around two fingers, try to leave a gap between them. Then add the green wool (flower base), only wrap this 20times.


Now cut a small piece of string that will tie this pom-pom together, lay it lengthwise over your fingers and push between your finger tips, and finger gap, tie this gently, try to hold these two pieces or ends as you remove this from your fingers. Then once removed tighten so that your pom-pom balls up.


Repeat steps one and two till you have all the colours you need, then trim around your flowers till you have a desired shape, you can also cut leaves out of felt, and start prepping your pipe cleaners but cutting them in half and hot gluing them to your flowers.


Wrap your dandelions to the headband and use the glue gun to help secure in place. When it has cooled down, you can show off your headband with Pride.

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