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Figurines: Cardboard Rolls

What better way to spend your time at home than making different figurines of your favourite characters, and getting to play out your own adventures!!


Gather your materials, cardboard rolls, tissue paper, PVA glue, scissors, paints and masking tape, then choose which of your favourite characters you'd like to create, we chose characters from our favourite tv show this year, "Rings of Power". Then ball up newspaper, and secure it with the masking tape, then place on the cardboard roll and wrap tape around it to secure it.


Choose the skin/fur colours you'll need for your figurine, then rip/tear or cut these into strips and using a mixture of PVA glue and water paint the gluey mixture over newspaper head, then begin layering the tissue paper over it. You can add any additional details like hair, ears, noses etc.


Paint more details onto the figurine, we didn't have any brown tissue paper, so after we layered the black paper, we made a mixtures of different tones of brown and then make different shades for skin and the finer details for the face. If using black paint remember to mix it with other colours so it keeps the colour alive. We also spent time making branches from pipe cleaners for Nori's hair (see pdf).


We also made Winifred from Hocus Pocus, just to show that with your imagination and taking your time you can create lots of different characters, these also make nice presents, or fun crafty displays.

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