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Heart Study 1

February is the season of all things feelings...lets explore one of the organs that feature a lot this month...


Gather all your materials, then lay them out and find an image on google, of a heart you would like to draw.


Sketch out the outlines, using feathery marks, to layout the shapes, think about the curves, the size of different areas. Then start using the reds or darker tones to start filling in the shapes, and helping to add to the shape of the hearts.


Build the different tones, shapes and colours using the different colours in your pencil case, apart from the obvious colours of pinks and different shades of reds, look for the other ones, like yellows, oranges and blending white with these choices. When using black think about mixing in other colours to keep this colour alive, like purples and blues.


Using chalk pens, or paints add in vibrant and bold details to the heart, like veins, or shiny highlights.

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