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Heart Study 2


Gather your materials, pencils, charcoals, greys to black soft pastels, eraser (rubbers) and some paper, find an image on google of anatomical heart, that you feel comfortable drawing. Then play your favourite music in the background, ones that give you happy vibes.


Using a light pencil (any of the 'H' ones), sketch out the base shapes that you can see in your image, layer them to create the foundations for depth, then using the softer (B) pencils add thicker and darker contours or lines to break up the different sections.


Begin to add your different media, when adding the darker tones, you can smudge and blend these darker tones alongside the lighter ones, slowly build them up together, think about the curve of your lines, the shape you are trying to make is organic, so has softer lines, and marks. Remember to use your spray fixative (or hairspray) as you build your layers.


Using your eraser (rubber), you can clean around your drawing, or make your highlighted areas clearer, and remember the pencils in your art case, can be used to help add the finer details. Have fun, and this is about experimenting with different marks you can make, lines and practise if your first try isn't what you expected.

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