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Holiday Wreaths

Happy Holidays! Time to add some festive decorations to your houses... by making these fun and festive holiday wreaths....they don't even have to be green!!


Using recycled cardboard (keep those empty cereal boxes) and a bowl or large circle shape to draw around with a pencil, choose if you want your wreath to be big or small, then use a smaller circle for the inner hole. Use a scissors to cut the shape out.


Ball up newspaper and using masking tape stick these to the wreath base, squeeze them beside each other and make sure you've taken time to secure each piece. Then make your watered PVA gluey mixture (looks like milk), and tear up the colours of tissue paper you want to use.


Using a paint brush, paint the gluey mixture over the wreath, and then add the tissue paper, securing it to the base as well. Layer different shades or tones of colour. Leave to dry and make holly from green card/paper, make sure to decorate the leaves using markers or colouring pencils to add textures.


When your wreath has dried add the holly leaves you have been making, then make red berries by tearing small pieces of tissue paper then rolling them using your hands and finger tips into tiny balls. Add the leaves and berries, and anything else you want. You can also make an alternative wreaths, think a Tim Burton Holiday. Have lots of fun and hang up after you've tied on the pipe cleaner or string to hang it by.

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