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Lammas Mask (God Lugh)

Happy August!! Lets make Lugh masks, or corn mother masks to celebrate...


First you need to go outside and gather some long stalks of grass, with seeds intact. Then gather your materials, tissue paper, scissors, pencils, image or willing older person to model (or googled image), mask, hot glue gun (adult supervision required), glue sticks, paper and paints. Then draw the image/models face, take time contouring the wrinkles, smile lines, and the way the skin folds and crinkles around eyes, and mouths.


Now with an adult (if needed), plug in your glue gun, and place your drawing beside you, and when the glue melts start to build the wrinkles on your mask. Take time layering the lines, leave them to cool before building upon them. Working on different areas of the face while areas cool, be mindful when working with hot glue, it takes time to layer the glue. Experiment with connecting areas, forehead to the nose, building nostrils.


When the glue has hardened and you're happy with your creation it's time to add the "skin", choose the different tissue paper colours you want to use, make a glue: water mixture (PVA glue mixed with water so it resembles milk). Then cut the tissue paper into squares and after painting the mask, layer on the tissue paper, and then cover with the gluey mixture. Cover the areas you wish to do, we used a mixture of greens to oranges for the "beard" area. Leave to dry.


Time to add the details, grab some paints, thinking about tonal colours like browns, yellows to purples, then mix up the colours you want. Now fill in the details between the wrinkles, add where you think the lighter tones would be, using warmer colours like yellows, oranges to pinks.

Prepare your long stemmed grass, by cutting out different lengths, then plug your glue gun back in and when its ready layer on the "beard" or hair for the mask. Don't forget to unplug the glue gun in between or after the projects.

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