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Lets Draw Hares!

To celebrate Easter this year, we've designed an art activity around hares. Have fun, be creative and why not share your designs with us on social media when you're finished?


Find an image from google images; we searched “hares” and I chose this one.
Grab a pencil, a lighter tone like a 2h or 3h is a good start. Now loosely draw out shapes for your hare, doesn’t have to be perfect, these are to help guide you and build the shape of the hare.


With a darker pencil any of the “B” tones will help; begin to add shading and tones to your shapes, use an eraser to lighten areas to show highlights. Take your time when creating the different tones.
Practise using different tones, mark making and experimenting!


Now try using markers! Starting with the same as above by drawing circles, then putting lighter colours on top, then building up the shades and tones using markers, light colours to dark colours.


Have fun drawing and trying out different styles, and feel free to post it on our Facebook page!
A link to our Facebook, Instagram and a PDF download are available below.

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