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Nosferatu Vampire Coffin Craft

Spooky season is upon us, or like us you love creating chilling crafts...inspired by the first vampire movie we watched years ago, we decided to make a vampire pop up craft. We love when you make adjustments and adaptions to our crafts and share these with us on our social media...


Cut out coffin shapes from cardboard, then using a hot glue gun, glue the pieces together, make sure the only add holes for the lid and holes alongside the side you wish the coffin lid to open from. Using masking tape cover the rough edges.


Now paint the coffin, we used google to find reference images, for textures and materials used. Our coffin was wooden, so using browns, yellows, black mixed with brown, we tried to mimic a "wood" texture. And red paint for the softer inside, using deeper tones of reds for shading. When dry use wire/pipe cleaners to connect the lid to the base.


Make and decorate your vampire, using newspaper and tape ball up a head, then tape it together, using a skewer to prop it up, this will be used to manually pop up the vampire. Now twist and tape the vampires shoulders and arms. Using markers decorate the vampires facial features, layering colours to emphasis their intense features. Using card to create pointy ears, then glue these one, or cutting out hands and gluing this to the vampires arms.


Now glue the vampires legs into the base, we needed to fill in the gap we originally created, then glue the fabric you think you'll need so that the vampire can move up and down more freely. Cover the rest of the gap with either tissue paper or fabric, make sure the skewer still has some space for movement. Now time to make mini spooky videos of your vampire creeping out of its coffin!!

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