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Pride Inspired Team Rocket Tape Activity

Celebrate the start of Pride month with us, by making some fun tape art!! We chose Team rocket to start off our month of 2LGBTQIA+ activities...


Find a digital image to work from, we chose Team Rocket from Pokémon, as they are excellent representatives of gender fluidity and acceptance to kick off our Pride festivities. Then grab some masking tape, and thick white card/watercolour paper.


Begin the image, by tearing the masking tape into thin sections, then stick down the tape to use as your "pen" lines, sketch around the features of each of the characters. Remember to take your time, it's tricky to do it without any guiding marks on the page. If you make a mistake just peel off that piece of tape and start again.


Once the tape drawing is finished get some watercolour/inks and a medium flat brush, then chose what base colours you would like to use first, we chose a Pride flag, so the traditional rainbow, and the transgender and minority flag colours are included. Then to add more texture splat, flick or drop diffferent colours over top. Leave to dry.


Leave to dry, then when its completely dry, take your time and peel off all the tape. Sometimes the paper will come away too, so you will need patience and deep breaths... then once it's all peeled off you should be left with a white design of your digital image. We glued parts where the painted paper came up. Happy Pride Month!!

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