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Spring Crowns

A fun spring themed art activity to try at home. Easy and fun for all the family! Basic instructions are below, with more in-depth instruction available to download at the end of this page. Enjoy, and don't forget to share your creations with us across our social media pages! 🧠🎨


3D Flowers: Using tissue paper, scissors, a mixture of PVA glue and water (looks like milk); make your petals first. Make lots of different sizes, and more is better in this project.
Leave to dry and come back later!

When dry, build your flowers, larger petals make up the base, then work your way towards the smaller sized petals.


Leaves: Using paper, markers and scissors draw your leaves and then cut them out and place to the side.
We made green, and multicoloured leaves, just have fun with the shapes, and colours.


Crowns: Using ribbon or string, measure your head then, hold this length against a long piece of card, we used a recycled cereal box taped together.

Then using scissors cut out branch like ends out of the crown, and using markers create your bark, we layered different colours, what will you do?


Now build up the crown’s layers by adding flat flowers, the leaves and then the 3D flowers, have fun with the placement of items.
Simple staple/tape the ends together to finish your creation! Show us!

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