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Summer Wreaths

Happy Lughnasadh! An August festival, so we're making summer wreaths!


Gather your materials!! White paper; PVA glue; scissors; tissue paper; paint brushes; paper plates, markers and masking tape. Now using the masking tape; trace around the tape after placing it in the centre of the plate, cut this circle out.


Using newspaper or scrap paper and masking tape, you need to ball up the paper between your hands, then tape these shapes to the paper plate, going all the way around.


Now choose what summery colours you want your wreath to be; cut out strips of the tissue paper (or tear); then using your PVA gluey mixture (PVA mixed with water), paint this over the newspaper, and then begin adding your tissue paper on top then painting the mixture over, make sure its covered and cover the edges connecting the news paper to plate.


Draw and then cut out the leaves you want to place on your wreath, think about sizes, colours, leave shapes etc. Also add some 2D or flat flowers for the base. Then using the steps in "spring fae crowns" to create 3D flowers. Layer these on top using just PVA glue to stick them to your colourful wreath.

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