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Unicorn Headdress

Make something fun to wear to a small party or hangout with friends and family...what could be more fun than dressing up as a unicorn.. Make sure to share your creations with us!!


Materials needed: Cereal boxes/thin cardboard; scissors; tissue paper; PVA glue; old newspapers/scrap paper; masking tape; elastic string; markers.
Cut the cereal box length ways and fold it so that you can measure it over your head. Then cut a smaller strip and tape it to the part after where you decide your horn to go.


Take a sheet/page of newspaper and scrunch, ball, and squish between your hands, then secure the shape with tape, and begin to tape these shapes onto the “neck” of your headdress.
To make the horn you need to use your hands to mould it into the horn shape, tape this and place it at the front (where it will sit on your forehead).


Now, choose the colour you want your unicorn to be, then cut lots of strips and make the PVA glue: water mixture, and with a paint brush paint this mixture over the bare mane and horn. It’s like making paper mâché, except you will be using tissue paper. When the base is covered, decide what colour horn you would like and repeat the steps above, then leave to dry.


When its drying choose, what colours you would like for the mane; I chose rainbow mix; then cut lots (more is best here), and following the picture, using your scissors “fringe” the squares.
When your base is dry, begin adding the mane, you’ll need a thicker gluey mixture for this step, so add some to your previous mixture.
Now layer the mane, work from the back to the horn. Painting the glue onto one part of the fringed square then folding this and doing the other corner, fold and then painting the neck with more glue before adding the mane. Keep going till you get to the horn.

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