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3D Beaked Masks

Let's make 3D masks... Mask making is a fun way to explore an aspect of cosplay, what characters or creatures will you create?


Gather your materials needed for this project, you'll need: PVA glue/glue sticks, scissors, pencils, markers, string/elastic string, coloured paper and card. First the plans, make different drawing inspired from beaked creatures, birds or mammals, your choice. Then choose what colour you would like to use as the base for the mask. Fold over the A4 card, and then draw the design, making sure the folded part of the card will be on the inside portion of your mask. Then cut.


When making the beak, choose another coloured piece of card, and fold over a portion of the page, we decided to fold it length ways, to make sure our beak was long. Draw your beak, the the fold on the top side of the bridge of the beak.

Cut, then using glue layer the two curved beak sides over each other and stick. Then cut "flaps" at the flat side of the beak or base. Fold these up so you can use these as a more secure way to attach your beak to the mask. We used tape to add a bit more security.


Now lets make feathers, choose different coloured paper, and different shades of markers. Fold the paper back over itself multiple times, then cut "leaf" shapes out of the folded paper, then cut small divets into these to create more textured feathers.

Using markers add more tones, shades and details onto your feathers, make a whole range of varying sizes to help add more thickness to your mask.


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