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Haunted Doll

Lets get our spooky season started early this year! With our haunted doll, with a 360 degree turning head, you'll need air dry clay, hot glue guns, wool, paints and possibly an adult with you! Have fun making it as spooky or spookless as you want...


Using some air dry clay, and a BBQ skewer begin to sculpt the head, then grab pieces of clay for the body and arms and legs. Use the head as a guide for size.


Now using some scissors, hot glue gun and card board make the "box" base for your doll to sit on. Using the body with the skewer through it to help imagine where your doll would sit, push hard on the skewer and then using a pencil, punch a hole through the place you made the dent.


Start adding the body parts, smooth over the edges, and add details to their outfits, you don't want the clay doll to be attached yet to the box, you are just using the box to help add shape to the figure. When drying it make sure to leave a plastic/waterproof material between it and the card board box. With a spare skewer in the body and head to the side. Leave to dry.


Time to paint your doll, pull out the skewer of the body, then begin to paint the details on the dolls body, we used the "Annabelle" doll as inspiration (and antique dolls), use different tones of colours for shading. Then decorate the box, we used tissue paper and glue over, then painted "wood" details over. Place the head skewer into the body and then place it on top of your box with the skewer going through the hole. Now using the glue gun attach the body to the box, and also glue on the dolls hair.

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