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Macrame Keychains (promotional packs)

The next academic year is upon us, we've made small activity packs for students returning, or starting their new course. As a way to do something fun and creative with your hands, and a keep sake or fidget for your keychains.


Open the promotional packs, inside should be our business card (check out our website), a keyring with wool wrapped around, and QR code. Scan the code, spread out the wool, fold them in half, with loop ends at top, then pull the loop through the ring and over the double strands, pull these through. Repeat 8 times.


Next lay out the 8 knots and taking the four strands in the middle (4th and 5th knot), spread out the strands, then taking the outside one on either side make loop knots across the two inside strands, repeat twice, and on the opposite outer strand too.


Now decide which side you would like to start on, then pull this diagonally across the other strands. And create the loop knots over it (keeping both strands together), but keeping hold of it, work towards the middle (4th knot), then repeat on the opposite side.


Last step is to tie it off, I used two outer singular strands to loop knot the ends together, then wrapped and knotted with the other outer strand. And cut off excess.

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