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Monster Plants

Getting closer to Halloween, lets make some monster plants to decorate our rooms when the light starts to leave us! You'll need garden wire, wire cutters, air dry clay and your imagination for this!!


Taking 30cm of malleable garden wire, carefully create the shape that will be the skeleton base for your plant. Bend and fold the wire back on itself, and wrapped around itself to make it stronger. Then take pieces of air drying clay, roll into "snakes" or thick noodles and wrap around the wire base, slowly building the plant and pot shape.


Remember to smooth the clay together when it's being layered around your wire structure, using your finger tips, or clay tools if you have any, when working on the monster plant's face think about the shape or type of face you want to give it. What features will you add?


Now add the details, petals and leaves can be made when you take smaller pieces of clay, roll between your hands to create small balls, then flatten and shape using your fingers, pinch ends and flatten to create "tear drop" or pointed oval shapes. Then using either a clay tool or knife add details onto your leaves and petals. Attach them by smoothing the adjoining gaps when placed together.


Leave to dry, 2-3 days depending where it's left, then once dry you can paint it. Think about the different colours you want to use, and have fun creating new ones, will you use contrasting or complimentary colours to help your monster plant stand out.

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